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Creativity clients

Thanks Suzanne for the wonderful month of coaching. I continue to get up every morning and write. I saved many of your e-mails from our work together that I refer to to help me write with joy and experimentation the way you guided me to do. - Tonya Osinkosky

After the online coaching with Suzanne I feel new clarity about my writing and the words are tumbling onto the pages. She helped me get unstuck. I am so grateful for her wonderful guidance. - Sasha Waverly

I had an amazing class with Suzanne. She helped me open the door to my creativity fully. It remains open still, but I needed her guidance to do it. I will be forever grateful. - Melissa Auden

Everybody in the coaching class had an amazing experience. Suzanne has a fabulous ability to help you get clear on who your are and where you want to go. - Jody Tucker

Suzanne’s superb leadership, inspiration and open heartedness helped me, in a very short amount of time, rekindle my confidence in my creative self. - Francine Krause

The creativity coaching was fantastic! Suzanne is amazing in her ability to help you really expand and deepen your work. - Margaret Glynn

Suzanne is more than an excellent teacher. She is an inspiration. Her writing workshops are not only about the craft of writing, but are a journey into the heart of the writing experience. . . - Jill Cagan

After the online writing coaching with Suzanne I feel new clarity about my writing and the words are tumbling onto the pages. She helped me get unstuck. I am so grateful for her wonderful guidance. - Sasha Waverly

Suzanne’s class was tremendously inspirational. She offers a nearly endless variety of tools and creates an atmosphere that is both challenging and unconditionally supportive. She showed me how to side step blocks and let the creativity flow. No question, it is the best writing class I’ve ever taken. - Ed Richards

Suzanne has just the right touch, so supportive and gentle as we birthed our little word babies, she showed us how to see the beauty in them. And it wasn’t fake! Once she pointed out the beauty, it was there! - Martha Stedman

Suzanne helped me (and so many others) remember that writing is play and always a process. She is a guardian angel of creativity! - Tonya Osinkosky

Suzanne’s knowledge and ability to facilitate the writing process is incredible. - Janice Glynn

Suzanne is a skillful teacher of creativity who knows exactly how to stimulate a connection to the creative within her students. Her adept and sensitive handling of writers at all levels of accomplishment is one of her strongest qualities, and she is also a writer of rare emotional gifts. - Joel Friedlander

Suzanne's writing class is a joy. - Ruth Marshall

Each time I take a workshop from Suzanne, I come away excited and inspired about writing and about my life! Suzanne is a skilled and subtle facilitator, encouraging the best in each of us to come out. Magic happens! - Joan Rendell

Suzanne is an amazing teacher. She has a real gift for coaxing her students' inner muse out of hiding . Since beginning Suzanne's class my creativity through writing has skyrocketed, and my relationship with my own muse has opened doorways, softened edges, and freed me from the shackles of my inner critic. I will be ever grateful. - Melissa Paterson

Suzanne is a delightful multi-faceted jewel of talent. Her classes facilitate the rise of your inner voice to the surface. My writing has expanded and deepened so much through her insightful and generous guidance. - Kay Crista

Thank you Suzanne for your fine inspiration. I will always credit your writing coaching with all the progress I have made this past year. - Ellen Fitzgerald

Suzanne's writing class re-ignited my passion for writing so that I am now writing everyday. She provided both the inspiration and the structure for me to follow through on several writing projects. I am so grateful. - Gina Scott

Suzanne your approach to helping people with their writing is so simple and supportive and uncritical that it can’t help but foster creativity. Sometimes a gentle nudge is all that is needed for someone who is stuck creatively to begin to find release. Suzanne provided that nudge for me and I am thankful. - Dan Foster

Suzanne’s writing workshop was great. I enjoyed spreading my wings. She is a wonderful teacher. - Martha Thortenson

Thanks Suzanne for the writing jumpstart. You are good! I like your ownership of your craft as a writer and the way you the individuals in the class became a group through your skill as a teacher. - Gen Baker

Suzanne your writing class worked wonders for me. Not only was I able to open my blocked channels and write more freely, I was able to tap into a deeper more hones place inside myself that I am able to draw upon now. Her own wonderful writing as an example, her wholehearted support and acceptance of everyone in the groups and the excellent “wild mind” techniques she introduce, were just what I needed. - Charlie Dutton

Suzane has a real gift for creating a sense of freedom to write. Her sensitive and insightful feedback and her inspirational guidance got me writing in a way I hadn’t ever been able to do on my own. Her own writing, her presence and humility taught me how to cultivate my own gifts as a writer. - Ann Jeffers

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Life Coaching clients

Suzanne’s deep intuitive listening, healing presence and effective guidance with EFT has helped clear in a short amount of time obstacles that have held me back for years. - Rachel Johnson

I love the way Suzanne works with EFT. My life has changed in amazing ways as a result. - Joan Steinberg

Suzanne's great energy and compassion along with her skill with EFT really helped me to shift out old patterns that had me stuck. - Helena Crowley

I had a severe phobia of spiders for almost 60 years. In one session with Suzanne I can now put spider in a jar myself and take them outside. It's a miracle. - Ann Murphy

Suzanne, I so value your work with EFT. Your way of holding space is lovely and supportive and your intuition is always right on. Much gratitude. Susan Howell

Suzanne our combined coaching and EFT session was absolutely wonderful. I really got past the issues that have been limiting me. I feel free! - Pat Renault

Wow, my EFT session with Suzanne was incredible. She has such clear intuition and was really able to help me get to the core of the issue that have been troubling me for a long time. - Jean Axelrod

Suzanne's fine coaching skills put me on a more open, productive and creative track, helping me to hold the course to wonderful changes in my life. - Nancy Costa

Suzanne's coaching helped me clarify my heart's desire and achieve a level of success I never could have reached on my own. I am deeply grateful. - Rhonda Coffey

Wow, Suzanne's innovative exercises and heart felt support really help me transform my life in amazing ways. - Shelley Trag