Creative Life Coaching

Working with the wisdom of your soul and the knowing your heart you can find your authentic path in the world and embrace your unique gifts. Getting creative you expand beyond whatever limits you, opening to more happiness and joy. As you learn to live more in the moment and release resistance to the current conditions of your life you open to the flow of possibilities and new opportunities you never imagined possible. In these challenging times we need to find new ways to being in the world in order to thrive. Creativity can be the key.

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Tell me what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver

Would you like to live from the knowing of your heart and soul rather than the limited stories of your mind? Would you like to try less and live more in the flow of life?

Your heart and soul know what makes you happy. Following your knowing leads you to the life that brings you joy and satisfaction. In our coaching we will work with strategies to shift core level blocks like unworthiness and lack that get in the way of having what you desire. You will connect with your soul's resources and your heart's knowing to expand your capacities and opportunities in wonderful ways. We will work to increase your intuition and connect you to the support your soul and the universe. You will discover transformational tools and exercises that you can use again and again to support yourself in moving forward in new and expanded ways.

Take some deep breathes and imagine the life you would be living if you really could have anything you want. Imagine that you are living from your full potential and that all is possible. What would it look like if you were living from a deep sense of soulful purpose. Where would you be living, what would you be doing, who would you be with, and what contribution would you be making to the world. What would you be doing is you were living the life you were born to live. Then consider where you are now in your life, what's stopping you? Does it seems impossible? Does the doubting voice in your head rise to full volume. You don't have any idea how to make the transformation you desire.

When you start to change and expand anything in your life you usually meet resistance. Your mind is trying to keep you safe and small by holding on to the status quo. Change can be uncomfortable. Coaching can help. Coaching is a collaborative partnership providing feedback, insight and guidance oriented around taking inspired action to move you forward toward the life you really want to create. Coaching helps you to achieve more than you would on your own. I act as a catalyst helping you to tap into your own knowing to create a vision for your life and then I support you taking the steps that will get you there. We work with your heart, soul and higher Self for clear direction as well as simple yet powerful tools for clearing what gets in the way of creating a life we love.

Suzanne's fine coaching skills put me on a more open, productive and creative track, helping me to hold the course to wonderful changes in my life. - Nancy Costa

Suzanne's coaching helped me clarify my heart's desire and achieve a level of success I never could have reached on my own. I am deeply grateful. - Rhonda Coffey

Wow, Suzanne's innovative soul based exercises and heart felt support really help me transform my life in amazing ways. - Shelley Trager