EFT for Creativity

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. - Joseph Chilton Pierce

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I recently did creativity coaching work with a visual artist, a painter working with pastels, who was feeling blocked and uninspired. She had signed up for a four week coaching block. After our first conversation I had the sense that there was an emotional/energetic element to the block so I suggested we supplement the coaching work with an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or aka Tapping) session to shift whatever she was holding in her energy field that was keeping her from moving forward with her creativity.

Using deep intuitive listening I was able to help her hone in on the root of the problem. By the end of the four weeks she had switched to working with oils and has been happily creating again ever since. We were both delighted with the results and I was reminded of how powerful EFT can be in freeing us to be more creative and expansive in every area of our lives.

Creativity is a high energy state that gives you access to new ways of a looking at a problem and finding solutions. Everyone has creative abilities. They are not limited just to the arts. The ability to solve problems creatively can help you in every area of your life. And creativity is not the domain of just a few gifted individuals. Everyone is born with the same capacity to be creative. It just needs to be cultivated and encouraged. Our creative self is a tender, vulnerable aspect of ourselves associated with the spirit of play and our inner child, who can be easily traumatized. Most of us were not encouraged to develop this part of ourselves and many of us were actively discouraged with creativity being considered frivolous and the domain of the starving artist.

EFT can help in releasing blocks and limiting beliefs that get in the way to accessing our creative potential and the joy it can bring to our life. It works by tapping on the major acupuncture meridians while focusing on the problem to release the energy of negative emotions and traumas held in our energy body that keep us stuck in self limiting patterns. Once the energy is release the problem is resolved permanently. It can be effective on a wide array of issues including health, relationships, phobias, prosperity and, of course, our creativity.